Can I talk during my session?

This session is your session.  If you would prefer to talk, you absolutely may.  If you prefer not to talk, that is okay, too.  Generally speaking, the effects of the massage are better if talking is kept to a minimum as it allows both the therapist and client to go into somewhat of a meditative state where the healing process is more ideal.  However, for some, not talking is very uncomfortable and they relax better when they are able to talk.  Some people, like the elderly and stay-at-home-parents, come solely for the opportunity to talk with and share the moment with another individual.  Our therapists try to go off of what we sense from you, but if we get it wrong, please let us know.  You can communicate your preferences before or during the session.  If you prefer not to talk beyond letting us know about the pressure or any discomfort during the session, that is perfectly okay.  You will not hurt our feelings because, truly, we want you to thoroughly enjoy your experience.