Can you perform massage on minors?

Yes, upon a therapist’s discretion, though we will need a signed consent from a parent or legal guardian.  We are amazed at how many knots and trigger points young people have, and as our technology continues to increase we are seeing neck and posture issues in younger and younger individuals.  Some therapists may feel uncomfortable working on children and reserve the right to pass on the appointment, however, at least one of our therapists will be able to work on children.  When determining if your young child may be able to receive a massage, we recommend trying a 30 minute session to see if they are able to lay still long enough.  We can work with you for a longer session as well; if your child cannot or does not want to receive the massage, we can offer you the rest of the session provided they are able to remain quiet and at least somewhat still in the massage room.  We have worked on children as young as six years old who were able to appreciate the massage.  Young athletes, children who spend significant time on electronics, and teens may also benefit from massage sessions.