Shari from Raleigh, NC

As I spend hour after hour sitting at a computer, I have been a massage client for several years now, for the monthly removal of the ‘knife in my shoulder blade’. Having recently moved to the Raleigh area, I was afraid it would take me forever to find an excellent massage therapist.

So I thought I would try an AmazonLocal deal for a $29 massage in a chiropractor’s office in Cary. The woman went on and on about how through those special deals, she didn’t even make as much as she would for a 15 minute chair massage. And she didn’t deserve it either, given that what I received was little more than a backrub, and not even a good one at that.

So I hesitated before trying again with a LivingSocial deal for Anderson Chiropractic Center. The first one that I purchased was for a chiropractic analysis and treatment from Dr. Chad Anderson, which was terrific and definitely needed after the move. He told me their massage therapist Amanda was outstanding, but not yet employed here, it was not in my budget. So when another LivingSocial deal came up, I was able to meet Amanda and learn that firsthand. And the massage I purchased as a ‘deal’ was the same quality as all subsequent full-price ones have been.

She is a consummate professional. She listens. She has excellent skills and is able to ‘feel’ the knots before I mention them. Her treatment is calming and sensitive, yet she provides a deep tissue massage that is one of the best I have ever received.

I hope this review helps someone find her who needs her healing hands. My only fear in sharing this recommendation is that she will become so busy I won’t be able to get an appointment.